[Lord of The Ring Online]The status of burglar in Lotro (08/14/2010)

Aug 14, 2010 09:48:34

Hello players, happy to meet you in Lord of The Ring Online !


Here we will introduce some burglar status points for you in LOTRO Gold to you and I got it from other websites, and if you have any suggestion. Please post them here. No more talk. now let's begin:


In fact, Burglar in a tough position. Advantages: fast attack frequency, high storm hit, dodge high. Disadvantages: less blood, defense-low.


Single: If 1v1 monster, burglar can kill 5-6 in a row monster does not need rest. If the operation is good, can be crushed in a row.


Personally, I like it because of the bounce attack monster, in fact, the contrast look, cut and bounce into a monster hit on the monster's effect is the same injury, but it is not the same injury, the current feeling is that good operation can make a lot of efficiency. Here you can get the cheapest in LOTRO Gold.


Equipment: in the early burglar can only use light armor, but lvl 10 can learn skills to use medium armor, armor and equipment on the medium of burglar belong to the middle defense is not very low, pursuit of weapons dagger and dagger, with one hand and both hands , you could observe a single hand arm and hands holding 2 weapons effect is the same There is the question: knife attacks at times faster than a hammer and dagger slow. Attribute additional equipment to increase the pursuit of the best agility.


Thank you for your attention.Enjoy yourself here!^_^

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