[Lord of The Ring Online]The best hide locations in LOTRO (06/07/2010)

Jun 07, 2010 08:48:15

Hello! Everyone! Welcome to this guide! The text summarize pretty much all the best hide locations to farm in LOTRO. Here we go!


Light -  Apprentice Forester: Level 1-12: wolf den(s) in Shire or Bree/Archet. There's also one in Ered Luin but they're too spread out and really not that many, Bear den/ruins between Combe Crafting Hall and Staddle Proper



Medium -  Journeyman Forester Level 13-23: wolf den/area NE of the bree swamps (wolf den south of the orc camp is not good, too many L12s); boars and bears by Horsefield/Far Chetwood,


Medium And Sturdy - Warg/Wolf area east of Amon Raith (sp), the camp east of Fornost. L22 - 24


Sturdy - Expert Forester : Level 24-34: warg den in Nan Amlug East; either NE of Esteldin, or the road towards DD. Aurochs North of Esteldin


Pristine - Artisan Forester: Level 35-43: wolf den in TS, wolf/garedain camp in Evendim. Bear circle W of Ost Forod in Evendim - Nan Orngon.


Exceptional - Master Forester: Level 44-51: Sarnur (not that good, but they, and others, drop rep items so 2 birds), Warg/cave claw area NNE of Gabilshatur in NE Angmar, Warg area NE of High Pass. Snowcats in Forochel.


I believe this guide will instruct you have a good time in LOTRO. LOTRO gold and LOTRO powerleveling on Have a good time!




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