[Fiesta online] Fiesta Online Overview (01/04/2010)

Jan 04, 2010 13:24:24

Fiesta online gold is another interesting MMORPG published by Outspark. The game has three starting classes, each one of which has two job advancements; one at level 20 and the other at level 60.  The game’s most notable aspects are its attractive cel-shaded graphics and  Fiesta online Sliver solid item crafting system.  The game isn’t nearly as in-depth as some of the newer free MMORPGs, but Fiesta is still an all-around fun game well worth checking out.  The game’s four playable classes are:

Fighter-Fiesta gold are the generic ‘warrior’ archetype in Fiesta.  They are extremely capable in melee combat and have the most hit points and armor in the game.  They are proficient with both one-handed and two-handed weapons.

Mage – Mages are the traditional offensive spell casting class in Fiesta. They can do a great deal of damage from a distance with their magic, but are extremely vulnerable in melee range.  They have low hit points and Fiesta online gold minimal defensive capabilities.

Cleric - Clerics are experts at supporting party members in combat. They have a variety of healing and  fiesta money uff skills which make them incredibly valuable to a party.  They are the weakest class in the game but when they with a group they’re extremely useful.

Archer – Archers are deadly with the bow.  They are fast and Fiesta money agile which allows them to deal damage rather quickly from a distance, but are vulnerable in melee combat.

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