[Fiesta Online]Fiesta Tips about Mages With Charms(04/28/2010)

Apr 28, 2010 10:04:58

Hello everybody,welcome to Gameci,an online platform offering MMORPG gaming services.Here we will tell you much useful information in playing variety games.Today I'd like to introduce some tips about Mages With Charms in Fiesta,hope you like:



We've seen an uncharmed mage do quite well in a honorable duel. We've also had a mage that has done quite well, any class can do anything if it is done right and both parties are on equal footing. Sure they don't have the def other classes do but that doesn't mean they have to charm up to do PVP, that just means they have to use different tactics. So it depends on the mage and the build and how well the person knows how to play a mage. Use our Fiesta Silver service will make the game more interesting.


We also have a 56 mage that has pretty much done most things solo, only partying she has done is with an arche. Since we've been playing every mage we know PvE wise this cap charms. WHy? Well when your doing 2-3 way pulls with 40-60+ mobs you need to decimate the mobs fast b4 the tank falls out and the whole pt gets wiped out some monsters just hit mad hard and have specials that do alotta dmg.


If mages had more def then they wouldnt need to pty which defeats the whole point of Fiesta imo, the main problem at higher levels(Fiesta powerleveling) is the fighters inabilty to hold enough mobs, mock and deva dont affect anywhere near enough mobs for fighters to be useful in 90+ grind parties thus the need for mages to charm constantly. The fighters need fixing not the mages.



That's the content.Thanks for reading.Have a good time in Fiesta Online. ^_^ 

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