[Fiesta Online]Fiesta Online PvP tips(08/13/2010)

Aug 13, 2010 09:21:24

When you reach some level, you can do PvP in Fiesta online. Before you start PvP, you should learn these tips below. Enjoy it:



*Always Steal and purge the buffs/scrolls whenever you can
* Be aware that pots don’t work while you are casting.
* Use lightening ball only when running away or if you have nothing else, FB/MB/IB, to cast.. The spell is bugged and the double animation takes precious time...and when fighting you need to be as quick as possible. Lightning Bolt is not bugged, and can also be cast when running.
* If you can afford to lose scrolls, SCROLL UP.


[Please note that these are just basic generic tips, and won’t work 100% of the time, it is up to you to develop your own tactics based on the situation]


Against Warrior

Battle begins!

Make sure you are at a distance from the warrior before the battle starts.


-Ice ball/slow the warrior as s/he runs towards you, before the warrior gets into melee range (close enough to stun/hit you) Chain cast Fear, and blast away.


-When fear ends, If the warrior has run a good distance from you, ice/slow, and blast away till the warrior is close, but not close enough to hit you, then fear again and resume blasting.0


- If the warrior lives through this, cast ice/slow, then stifle(this will cause the fighter to cast skills much slower), use your lightening skills while running back a bit to give you more distance if possible (warning if you try this too far away, you’re toon will actually run towards the fighter, and you don’t want that!), Prepare for close up melee fighting, cast your AoEs, Nova, magic burst, Inferno, on top of yourself, so the fighter must stand in it to hit you.


In Melee range:

uh oh, you are now in the Warrior’s zone, Fear and chain casting are prolly still cooling down, as is stifle, how do you surivive?


- First know that you cannot pot whilst casting, and be prepared for that. Stone to replenish health while casting your aoes, and pot in between. In Pvp, especially with a fighter, keep your HP as high as you can.


- Need a second? You have 1 more trick up your sleeve. Mana burn. Fighters have very low SP, and they depend heavily on it for their attacks, with the exception of generic attack. Your Mana burn, if up to date, should completely wipe out the fighters SP (unless they’re using cash shop extenders). The fighter can of course pot or stone the sp back, but you have just bought yourself a second, use it wisely.


- It will be much harder to kill the warrior when they are in melee range as they can stun you. Unless you have a speed 3 scroll, you won’t really be able to kite them much. Focus on survival and hitting them when you can, you may get lucky. Once fear is about ready to cast again, drop an AoE, you’ll prolly be stuned agan, once that stun wears off, and fear is ready cast Fear


Additional Tip: *Dispell can remove some fighter’s debuffs, be aware of this and if you have time, remove them, to quickly target yourself press F1.


Against Cleric

Battle begins!

The key to killing most clerics is getting the cleric to around half health.

You could do this several ways...


You can Stifle while hitting to slow down the clerics ability to heal. Cast AoEs on yourself, so the cleric has to stand in it to hit you. Don’t forget Magic burst. Once the cleric is low chain fear.


Alternatively, you can AoE and blast the cleric with spells till they are almost half health then chain cast fear, and before the last fear runs out stifle, then mana burn.
Another option is to do the same but chain cast stifle instead of Fear.



Against Archer

Battle begins!

The worst part of fighting an Archer is their DoT’s. Prevent the Archer from using them.


*be sure to steal their buffs/purge their buffs
Chain cast stifle, cast 1 stifle, blast away, when it runs out cast fear, blast away, cast the stifle, blast away. (Don't be afraid to Mana burn, Archers need SP for their skills too, but not that much so to make sure you wipe it all out don't waste it when they have full sp.)


Sometimes Archers will be tricky, and try to kite you. They have a longer range then you, and can cast more spells whilst running then you. Do not fall for this. If the archer starts to run away let them, and run in the opposite direction to avoid their range. If they want to fight, they’ll have to come to you, and once they do, get em in you range and punish them!


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